Rise Above Your Circumstances

Today has been a horrible mess. Everything that could have gone wrong has. I know everyone has bad days like that when it seems like nothing else can go wrong and there you have it a million other things start to fall apart. Finances are in an uproar and money is basically nonexistent. Relationships are strained and not quite working out. There is never enough time in the day so your schedule is already tight and you just want to have a life. Then on top of it, all your kids are there tugging on you pulling you in a million different directions. I get it. It’s a defeating and frustrating feeling but even the strongest people have their moments. It feels like your going out of your mind like your world is falling apart. We then start to become depressed and the negative thoughts start to pile up. We start focusing on everything we don’t have instead of what we do have. It’s easy to get caught up in life and let your mind wander into negative thoughts. This is when we become the most discouraged. Instead of focusing on everything we don’t have let’s focus on what we do have. When I start to have negative thoughts I try to say affirmations to refocus myself. “I have more than enough” “I am grateful for my life” “I am worthy” “I am abundant” “I am a wealth magnet” “Money flows to me effortlessly”. I also try to remember everything God says I am and that he is always working everything out for my good. Sometimes our circumstances are out of our control. Instead of me wallowing in defeat about my circumstances I have been giving my circumstances to God. I have been asking him to change my perspective. To change my reaction. To change the direction of my thoughts. To change my mind so that I may change the way I look at this life. There is so much more than what we see. When we lean on God and believe in his word it makes the weight of the world feel a little lighter. No matter what we are going through God is with us. Rely on his strength not yours for God is with you every step of the way.


New Year New Me?

8460CEA6-9E49-496C-A3FE-ECFA8DB0169FNew Years has always been a time filled with hope, New Years resolutions that no one ever follows through with, family, friends, and laughter. Last night I took a look at my family as they enjoyed themselves and laughed with joy anticipating the new year. I however could not get out of this slump. I truly wanted it to be a “happy new year” and even sent messages to friends and family wishing them one. “What’s wrong with me” has been a frequent question I have been asking myself and hated myself for going into the new year like this. I wanted this new year to be like everyone else’s instead of being grateful for being able to celebrate it with my kids. My fiancé was in bed sleep before midnight and everything just felt like a waste. It’s so easy to look on the outside of people lives on social media and wish we had that. So a little back story I had my youngest son about 3 years ago and was clinically diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety. Depression is a horrible monster and it literally took everything from me. I lost a lot of friends and stopped talking to my family back in my hometown. I isolated myself and became so angry. I didn’t want to be around me so I figured why would anyone else? I have an awesome career and a loving family but depression doesn’t care what your life looks like on paper. One thing I can say is that while everyone is making New Years resolutions, mines is just to be happy. Mines is simply to have a new beginning and God offers that. If you are struggling today please be kind to yourself. Who knows this year could actually be a “happy” new year. I am open to it, are you?

Let the Lord Lead You


Thus says the Lord, my Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go.” (Isaiah 48:17)

I was so use to doing my own thing. Even as a little girl having to grow up fast. I was use to being alone and making all of my own decisions. Growing up I was stubborn and refused to give someone else the lead. Even as an adult I had eventually grew into a worry wart filled with anxiety and growing depression. I had to let go and let god lead me. I was fatigued and just plain tired. My walls were closing in and I felt like peace was so far away. I knew I had to give up control and give God a chance.

The Lord is here to guide us he doesn’t need our help to do that. In order for us to receive our blessings and peace we have to learn to let the Lord order our steps. I know what if’s and the lack of control can be quite overwhelming but Gods word is our road map and he is guiding us with a flashlight. Once I let God take the Lead I experienced so much peace, a lot less stress, and success in every area of my life. As the scripture states above The Lord is referenced as a redeemer. He is the ULTIMATE redeemer and when you lean on the Lord and put your trust in him, not the outcome, everything will always work out for your good. As we are one day away from the new year I would like to say 2018 is going to be a better than 2017. It may even be your best year yet!!!! Stay encouraged, stay blessed. See you all in 2018!!!!

How To Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving at the Last Minute

Whole Homemade Thanksgiving TurkeyThanksgiving is a holiday that is surrounded by love, thankfulness, and of course my favorite food! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have some tips on how to plan the PERFECT thanksgiving.

Who are you going to invite:

I hope by now you have at least thought about a few people you might want to invite. Also is your table big enough to fit the people you want to invite?

Plan out and shop for your thanksgiving meal:

For the most part I tend to keep things pretty traditional. Every year I choose 3-4 dishes to go only with a turkey or ham. If you want to do something else that’s great go for it! Also as a tip try to plan out an oven schedule to help you keep track of what needs to be cooked and when. Last but not leasttt prep, prep, oh and prep. This will save you a ton of time.

Pick up some cool decor:

This is really simple. Target has a lot of great deals on thanksgiving decor and if you are planning on having a sit down dinner a non-perishable centerpiece will add a wonderful touch.

Rock out a great Thanksgiving:

Preheat that oven and begin preparing your turkey. Once your turkey is almost done start prepping and getting your sides ready. I never worry about the turkey not being hot. Turkey is good hot and it’s good at room temperature too. Once everything is ready rally up the troops and dig in. If you need to heat up any desserts now is the time to do so.

Well that’s my list. I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving celebrating with friends and family.

Maybe One Day He Will Love Me


I know I know we have all had that thought right? Ended up with a guy, moved super fast, then things came to a halt. He seemed like the perfect guy and you want so badly to be in a relationship or to be married and you tell yourself maybe one day he will love me. Well I’m here to tell you that he won’t. If he’s not ready and if he already doesn’t know how great you are don’t take yourself through the heartache just move on. Have you ever heard the quote” one mans I’m not ready is another mans I knew the second I saw her”? Don’t allow that hurt and rejection to keep tugging away at your heart. God has someone for you. God will slam a door on something to open a better door. I have been there. I was in a relationship that I wanted so badly to work and I forced it. He ended up being so cold towards me for multiple years would ignore me even though we lived in the same house but I put up with it. I had to deal with so much heartache. Don’t be that girl. A man who is for you won’t leave you confused and you won’t have to pull teeth for his love and affection. We are all better than that. When you meet the man God has for you he will court you. He won’t string you along while dating other girls. He won’t pressure you to have sex. He will be committed to you and only you and you will know it. If someone has to make up their mind on whether or not they want to be with you then they’re not it.

Your Love Is Wild For ME

IMG_1794.JPGI have been trying to figure out for awhile what I wanted my blog to be about. Was it going to be about my life, my real life struggle with depression, or my parenting? I decided that I wanted it to be about all of those things but also about my love for the Lord. I would like to share a song that I listen to over and over again when I am going through anything in my life. In the lyrics of the song it says it best “lord you don’t give your heart in pieces”. Just those simple lyrics speaks volumes to my heart. The Lord gives it ALL to us! As I sit here with tears in my eyes because someone had failed me once again. It hit me God loves me enough to give me his whole heart. We don’t have to fight for it or chase. I don’t have to worry about the Lord failing me because his love never fails. He loves all of us and he loves us all enough to heal what has been broken on the inside. He doesn’t hide himself. He isn’t selfish. He wants us to know him, all of him. He is open and he has his arms out wide waiting for us to jump into them. So I encourage you if you are going through a hard time today or just need some time alone with the Lord to recharge give pieces by bethel music a little listen and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you up.

When You Have Lost Control


Losing control of my life is something that I am not use to because I am always in control of my life. I have always tried to make the right decisions but one season has affected my life greatly so I ask myself what are things that I should be doing to better my life now that I’ve hit rock bottom and my life has spun out of control? If you’re in the same situation that I was once in before here are 5 things that you can do to gain control of your life right now. 1: Do not let your emotions control your actions. I was always an emotional person and I would always make emotional decisions those decisions never turned out right. This is the most important thing that you don’t want to do. You do not want to make decisions off of your emotions or make bad actions off of your emotions. When your emotions are high you cannot think clearly sooo take a second take a deep breath. Breathe In and Out 10 times or remove yourself from the situation or even go from a walk so you can get rid of those emotions and be able to think clearly. 2: Take care of yourself. It is always important for you to do things that you feel like doing. I know if you’re a mother like me sometimes that could be hard and sometimes you feel selfish but you can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself. 3: Think about what you always have wanted to do with your life. What is your passion? Have you always wanted to go to school? Do you want to be a blogger? Have you always wanted to be an artist? Do you want to work at a high paying job or do you want to be an entrepreneur? Make a plan and get there. It’s never to late. 4: Since we are talking in regards to gaining back control of your life number four will be to think of things that you CAN control. You cannot control the things that happen to you but you CAN control how you respond to those things and what you can do about it. 5: Accept yourself for all that you are faults and all.  If you’re reading this blog your life is probably spiraling out of control right now. You lost your job or your kids are driving you crazy or just something is not going right in your life. Hey I get it. I’ve been there before that’s one reason why I started this blog but me hitting rock-bottom made me realize a whole bunch of things that I didn’t like about myself. At the end of the day the most important thing is to always respect yourself, love yourself, invest in yourself. Realize that you made a mistake or that you did something stupid accept it, learn from it, and move on. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus so do not hold on to the negative because it won’t get you anywhere. Try not to focus so much on the fact that you messed up and just think about this think back to last year were you in the same predicament that you’re in now? The answer is probably no and guess what you’re not going to be in the same predicament that you’re in now next year, If you’re at rock-bottom the only thing that can happen is that you can go up from here. Hard times are never here to stay.